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  CCAOI Invites you to a round table conference on “IANA Transition & ICANN Accountability Process and India's Position” on 30th May, 2015, at Silver Oak 1 Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi | A study on the Indian Perspective on IANA Stewardship Transition.









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Why Join CCAOI and Membership Process

  • CCAOI is responsible for bringing to the forefront the concerns and issues of the stakeholders of ecosystem of Internet in the country (Connectivity Providers, Content Providers and Consumers)and voicing the same on their behalf at the required forums viz., Government Departments, Law Enforcement Authorities, Municipalities etc
  • CCAOI also provides a common platform for the Public Internet Access (PIA) Providers -Cybercafes/CSC's, Connectivity Providers, Law and Policy makers, Government, Solution Providers to interact with each other, show case their services and products, exchange ideas and find solutions on aspects of technology, policies, regulations, services, operational issues etc.
  • CCAOI keeps you abreast with the latest developments on policies, regulations, directives, orders issued by various government departments, municipalities and law enforcement authorities pertaining to the provision of Internet and Internet enabled Services through the public internet access system viz., Cybercafes/CSC's.

Membership Process and Criteria

  • Membership at CCAOI is open to all i.e. Public Internet Access Providers(PIA)-Cybercafes/CSC's, Content Providers, Computer Hardware and Software vendors, ISPs etc. are all eligible to become a member.
  • Membership for PIA's(Cybercafes/CSC's) is free of cost.

Membership Process

  • The Membership Application Form available in the CCAOI website needs to be filled up and submitted online.
  • Based on the details submitted, the Governing Body/Executive Council will then take the decision to award /reject the membership.